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Brook tells her story about Lyme Disease

Please note that the CDC now reports there are over 300,000 new cases per year.

Long term antibiotics are often taken for 3-5 years as part of the "normal" Standard of Care prior to the Doctor Controversy.

There are TWO STANDARDS OF CARE: we encourage each person to advocate for themselves by going to 

The disease can be transmitted by more agents than just the deer tick. 

Yes, you can have a negative test and still have the disease (s). 


What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a cluster of infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites that enter the body's blood stream through a tick attachment. Primarily, it is the spiral shaped bacteria called "borrelia burgdorferi." Click HERE

The word, "Lyme," is really the name of a city in Conneticut, USA. That word has been the focus of disagreement and controversy since the 1970's. The word "Lyme" is not the green fruit; lime or limes. The word is pronounced singular "Lyme," not "Lymes."

Because the word "LYME" disease is the focus of so much disagreement in mainstream medicine (click here);

and government agencies, university medical centers, and private businesses have patents on the Lyme bacteria (borrelia burgdorferi) {click here};

and since these patents are being used for biomedical, biodefense research, and biowarfare (Click #1, #2).

and since corporate self-interest is taking precedence over the needs of patients;

and since corporate self-interest is causing intense grief to the average person that is infected with Lyme disease;

and since it is difficult in Kansas, the USA, and in other countries in the world, to access testing and treatment for Lyme disease in a manner that will minimize damage to the body, and decrease disability, and prevent death;

Therefore, at Kansas Tick-Borne Disease Advocates, Inc. (Kansas Lyme Fighters), we are going to refer to Lyme disease under the term, "Tick-borne" diseases.

The word, "Tick-borne" diseases covers a long list of bacterial infections found in the tick and transferred to people and animals.

Tick-borne diseases will be discussed in depth on it's own page.

Web Site Resources (book) discussing the Lyme Disease Epidemic (movie) documenting the Lyme Disease epidemic in the USA, the prosecution of physicians who have successfully treated patients, and the abandonment of patients who are denied access to long term antibiotics, and the insistence of the medical authorities that Lyme disease does not exist, and/or persist in the body past 30 days of treatment. (Extensive listing about Lyme disease)